Organisations can frequently run out of ideas on how to improve their safety performance, you may have tried many different techniques which provided benefits but maybe did not achieve the desired results you were looking for.

It is time to try something different.

Safety Coaching use of number of different coaching techniques through questioning, listening and challenging performance of key players within your team who are integral to your desired results being realised. Our coaching techniques don’t necessarily provide all the answers, you may already know them. But we help to prioritise, refresh and challenge the way you are doing things in order to carry out the right things effectively so they become a safety habit.

During our work we work closely with the key descision makers, through one to one coaching sessions or onsite visits to challenge performance and ask the right questions to provoke positive reaction and sustained application to achieve results. Through regular engagement with your senior teams you can really drive safety performance through your management line. Over the years through our coaching techniques we have helped organisations dramatically reduce the amount of serious and lost time injuries they are experiencing. Within another organisation we provided coaching to the Senior team who realised a zero lost time injury frequency rate for a three year period for all employees, sub-contractors and third party workers throughout their 30 operational sites, they were rightly recognised as award winning within their sector for safety improvement and initiatives.

Engaging with the right people regularly can help them in a number of areas, in turn enhancing your safety performance, we can help them in a number of ways such as:-

  • Recognising what is working well and why this is so
  • How reviewing individual performance and providing tangible feedback can have a dramatic effect on the behaviour and results from others
  • How to prioritise risk management strategies and question performance to achieve sustainable improvement
  • How engagement with key personnel, such as contractors can influence the way they apply and manage safety not only within your operations but throughout their own company
  • How their own leadership skills, body language, communications and behaviour is perceived by others and the effect it can have from both a positive and negative prospective

There is no ‘silver bullet’ which in isolation can change your safety culture and overall performance. A number of factors when correctly applied and monitored can drive the performance improvement you are looking for. Through our coaching sessions we take the opportunity to review (through questioning and feedback) how these factors are working and more importantly, are they effective?  

It is fair to say, these sessions can occasionally prove to be very challenging for those involved. We don’t believe that leaving an important issue in the ‘difficult to do’ tray or being a light-touch on some issues provokes the right reaction or level of trust. We believe in creating a strong working relationship between our coaches and your senior team members to ensure honest, open and value adding interactions, which are reviewed regularly under our strict privacy and confidentiality coaching agreements.

In our experience coaching in safety can significantly help improve performance. We have helped a number of senior management personnel from a wide variety of sectors improve their own personal performance, the performance of others and the wider organisation as a whole. Many of these people consider us to be an essential component of their strategy, many request us to follow them to new organisations when they gain new posts in order to continue our proactive working relationships.

We believe we can help you become a stronger, more effective, balanced professional who believes safety is an essential component in order to sustain continual business improvement.

Let us help you, you will not know until you try, it could be the missing key element of your safety improvement strategy?

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The classical definition used by most to define the term ‘mentor’ is an experienced and trusted adviser. Just think about that for a minute – who is the person you trust who provides you with good practical advice on what do to improve your safety performance, how to react in different situations and what to do to motivate someone on safety for example?

From time to time we all need the support of mentor, to either ask an opinion with regards a potential improvement or seek further suggestions on how to improve in a particular area.

At Safety Coaching we provide a safety mentoring service to all levels of your management structure. Sessions can be held either accompanied at site, through face to face meetings, or through video conferencing. Our aim is to build a strong working relationship with you very early during our working together. We believe in having open and transparent conversions and developing our relationship so you feel you can discuss anything relating to Occupational and Safety. Our previous working relationships with clients often lead to lasting mentoring discussions, some also frequently ask for mentoring in other business areas in addition to just safety.

As well as acting as your own personal or company safety mentor, we also help create a company culture of safety mentoring by assisting you in the development of your own mentoring programs and helping provide the necessary skills to your teams in order to start delivering results. This helps with the continual professional development of your own internal team and can provide a lasting legacy for the future.

Our services can be offered to any position within any organisation, we commonly get requests to provide private support to Senior Management personnel who have found themselves in the position but often do not really understand the key fundamentals of good safety management or have never had it formally explained, for example a Senior Manager being put into a position with operational and safety accountability from a previous financial position. Our commitment to you through our mentoring relationship is that all engagements will be provided with strict confidentially and discreetly where required.

From our experience here are example areas where our mentoring services have helped:-

  • My team have plateaued, they would benefit from a discussion to reach the next stage
  • I’m unsure what to do next in relation to my own professional development
  • I am in a new position but I am little confused by some of tasks I have to complete but I don’t want to ask the safety department as I’m embarrassed
  • What’s behavioural safety? How do I do it?
  • I’m experiencing some pressure from my boss or enforcing body I’m not sure how I should manage it
  • I have tried everything with this guy on safety he just doesn’t get it!

If you or one of your colleagues needs assistance or you feel that they would benefit from some specialist support please give us a call for a no obligation discussion. It might just be the best call you make this month.

Interested in learning more about how Professional Development can benefit your business? Get in touch 07831 100048 or email