Safety Communications

Helping you deliver your safety messages in a different way, in order to provoke reaction and lasting impression. One area of safety improvement which is often neglected or misunderstood is the methodology behind your safety communications, whether it is to your own internal employee base, contractor community, visitors to your premises or to your key stakeholders, the way you communicate your safety information should form an integral part of every organisational safety improvement plan.

Safety Coaching believe the safety marketing of these key messages can be equally as important as the message itself, we can help you in many ways, in areas such as the following:-

  • Innovative ways to communicate your rules, company standards and training packages
  • Refining your induction programs to make them interesting, interactive, challenging and  above all effective
  • Creation of thought provoking images which can stimulate personnel to understand the level of risk which maybe posed to them – this technique is proven to work with many different languages and cultures
  • Technical authoring of company standard documentation for cascade to your teams
  • Background production of key company communications on behalf of Senior Management personnel


You may be asking why do I need to do this or why do I need someone external to help me with this?  Consider this – are your messages being received, understood and most importantly followed by the people you are communicating to, or has it become stale and ineffective – we can help.

Companies often make simple mistakes through their communications – for example one company we worked with recently had a 20 page company procedure on how to report and manage situations when an incident occurs, when we asked managers and supervisors if they had read it most said no and it was very heavy to read, some also said they would only read it when the need required. We changed the way this was communicated to an electronic means, which was interactive with voiceover, the information was a good blend of photographs and text information – when this was introduced via company intranet and secured web-page. Significantly more people utilised it, feedback was excellent and knowledge improved. We need to maintain the interest and keep it simple.

We also recently used a similar technique with a company to help improve the knowledge base of their managers and supervisors to assist them in preparation for completing a vocational qualification, again this was a blend of voice-over, interactive information and visual media. Feedback from the client on this project was superb – please read the case study from Matt Gibbs of Tarmac by clicking here.

Our electronic interactive techniques can also be utilised to provide information for your induction packages for new employees, contractors and visitors to your company. It is paramount you make a strong first impression that the safety of everyone who is involved or influenced by your operations is a key priority for the company. From our experience many inductions are delivered without passion and enthusiasm and may also miss the vital points of exactly what is specific responsibilities and information people really need to know, rather than the generic information which is ‘nice to have’.

Our approach is to tailor the induction to make it specific to the task/ input the person is going to have during their time with you. If required we can also include testing within the process to ensure and demonstrate people have understood. Software can also track the person’s names, company information, contact details, date and time of induction for longer term tracking if required.
Many company tell us they have a significant amount of incidents in relation to their contractor communities but unfortunately they don’t really know how to get the best from the engagement and communication to them – you should try another way, let Safety Coaching assist you to transform the way you communicate

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Over the last few years we have assisted worldwide organisations in how to transmit their safety messages from Senior Management teams to operative level.

We need to generate interest early, usually without words, but a significant amount interaction, dialogue and listening to others through the use of interactive images targeted at your organisations current and perceived hazards. In our experience this provokes reaction at all levels. This approach linked to stories of the reality of what really happens when incidents occur can have a profound lasting effect. Having used this approach over the last few years – the feedback is remarkable, it works effectively at levels all cultures.




Finally we can assist you in the way you make your written and verbal communications to the people how work with you, the people you are trying to influence to work safely. Clicking forward on an internal e-mail following an incident alert to cascade the message shows what you think about safety. We can help you with opportunities like this to really enforce the message and raise specific expectations to your team of exactly what is required, we help Senior Managers behind the scenes by completing the vital preparation so they can provide critical messages without difficulty.
Areas we can assist

  • Production of communication documents and speeches, plus coaching on how to deliver if required
  • Company policy statements and personal responsibility documents
  • Company safety strategies
  • Communications to enforcing bodies, including legal review if required

Remember the way you communicate can be as equally important as the message itself, take some time to ask the people you are trying to influence if it is working?
We want to help you inspire and influence the people who matter.